Monday, 10 June 2013

Saturday, 27 April 2013

More Pump Belts

Here are the other belts I've made this week.

Red/white with roses.  I think this is my favourite ever!

 Red with bikes.

This next set is a present I made today for a special little girl who has been poorly recently, and ended up in hospital on a drip.  One rosy pump belt for her, and a matching one for her teddy bear.  Luckily I had some similar narrow elastic to the brown/pink spots for the little girl's belt, so they both match perfectly.

The teddy bear's pump belt has a little soft "pump" inside, attached with ribbon (see-through, so it looks as close to tubing as possible).  I'll have to remember to warn her mum to make sure the ribbon is tucked inside before doing the zip up.  If I ever make one of these again, I'll put the ribbon at the other end of the zip!

My daughter's Rufus bear modelled the bear's belt for me, despite it being in girly colours.

This is the back view of the rosy pump belts.  The bear's belt fastens with pink plastic cupcake snaps (poppers) because the clips I have are all far too big for a bear.

"Memory" pump belts for my children

Everyone has a certain piece of clothing that they love, and can't bear to throw out when their child outgrows it. 

My son had a gorgeous red and white checked shirt that he loved, and was sad when it didn't fit any more.

My daughters had matching cotton pyjamas with roses on them, which they adored, but the little pair don't fit either of them now. 

I don't want to keep piles of old clothes hanging around, so often I make bunting from the favourite old clothes, or cut out a square or two to save for a memory quilt.  This time, I decided to make each child a pump belt, so they can still wear those favourite clothes.

The only question was which elastic to use.

I decided on the pink eventually.  I liked the colour of the green better, but didn't think little green monsters would go down well with big girl.

This one was easier.  The spotty elastic was far too bright for the checked fabric.

The children like the finished belts.  Big girl put hers on immediately, and likes the fact that it incorporates a bit of everything from the pyjama top, including a line of the pink ribbon along one edge.

Monday, 22 April 2013

I keep meaning to share this document.   It's my instructions to myself for doing a set change with a Medtronic Veo insulin pump and Mio sets.

You can download the PDF of this document here.